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Cancellation fees apply for any no show or late cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.  

At Pet Parlour, we offer your dog or cat a relaxing comfrotable grooming experience. We do not use cabinet dryers or leave your dog unattended. They receive 1-1 attention to ensure a positive and friendly visit, From a young puppies first bath to a nervous rescue dog who has never been bathed before, our aim is for every dog to feel positive about their trip to the groomers!

Each pet has a designated appointment in the salon with their groomer ensuring they
have our full attention for the duration of their session. We ask that your dog is dropped and collected on time so that we don't have dogs waiting. This ensures a calm and positive environment.

The Dog and Cat Salon

1-1 dog grooming appointments

Dog Grooming

Your dogs appointment will be on a 121 basis with no other pets in their own private treatment room unless from the same household / family at your request. We want to make their visit happy, positive and as fun as possible, there are toys and games available with raised beds for comfort in between drop off and pick up. We also offer treats (according to dietary requirements) to reward and follow forcefree handling and training techniques.

Pet Parlour offer a range of grooming services, including wash & blow dry, towel dry de-shedding, full grooms and nail trims alongside other treatments to keep your dog in tip top condition. All bookings are by appointment but we occasionally have last minute or `walk in' slots so please call us to check. Rehabilitation visits are also popular for dogs with anxieties  We will always endeavour to style your dog to your requirements, dependant on coat condition and texture.

Cat Grooming

Cats have very different temperments and deserve to be treated with gentle, calm, effective techniques to suit.  Extra care and time is sometimes needed to ensure your cat isn't stressed.

We offer a 1-2-1 appointment in a calming environment, with an appointment preferably at the beginning of the day or early evenings to help limit "dog scents" after the salon as been cleaned.

Grooming removes dirt, spreads natural oils through the cat's coat, removes tangles and keeps their skin clean and irritant-
free. Professional grooming will help keep your cat cool during warmer weather and help reduce loose fur and possible fur ball issues! Each cat will be assessed on arrival, so we can offer the best service for them.

Cat Grooming Rustington West Sussex