Dog Grooming

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Small breeds
- From £32

Medium breeds - From £45

Large breeds - From £55

Extra large breeds - From £65

Puppy groom - £32


Mild & gentle bath



Ear Clean

Nail trim & pad tidy
Hygiene trim & face tidy

Bath and towel dry - £15

Bath and dry - from £20

Eye trim - £10

Ear clean & tidy - £10

Small trims [including face, beard, hygiene area] - £10

Nervous/Rescue/Fearful dogs - £45
Additional time will be allocated - includes salon & groomer
introduction prior to appointment

calming techniques including natural/herbal products

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

1st session approx 45 mins, £35 to include:

- consultation

- dogs own toothbrush head

- 20 minute clean

Follow up sessions;

Recommended weekly to combat a minor issue or with groom for prevention and dental hygiene. If dog has a lot of plaque then multiple visits in a shorter period and course of treatment may be advised.

£18 15-20minutes

Courses of treatment:

Option 1 £110 prepaid

45-50 min appointment, consultation, toothbrush head, first session of 20 mins plus additional 4 sessions, toothpaste gel for home care, sessions must be booked and used within 2 weeks period. (charged at £15 per additional treatment)

Option 2 £225 prepaid

As above but 10 visits in total including first session

Prepaid follow on course of 10 visits without brush head £215

Replacement brushes: replacement of toothbrush head after 20 visits or 3 months of cleaning as ability of attachment bristles to transmit ultrasound waves will demonise. Optimum dental cleaning for and hygiene can’t be guaranteed after this time. Cost £10.

Orozyme Dental Care Gel: retail product only for home care. Supports destruction of stubborn plaque for owner to use at home in between sessions. Prevents further formation and maintains balance of micro organisms in dogs mouth.

Dogs; Used once per day directly into mouth

Cats: as above or on paw for them to lick off.

Small dogs & cats 1 cm gel

Dogs under 20kg 2cm gel

Dogs over 20kg 5 cm gel

£18 per tube

Terms & conditions;

If your dog’s teeth are showing a significant amount of tartar build up, or are in poor condition, we will always recommend that you seek veterinary attention but please pop in and we will take a look for you. It may be that your dog will initially require a dental descale under anesthetic. However, it should then be possible to continue with a regular schedule of ultrasound teeth cleaning, in order to maintain your dog’s dental health and hygiene.

Please note that although this method of dental care is highly effective at removing tartar, improving gum and mouth health and eliminating the cause of bad breath, we cannot guarantee the treatments effectiveness or suitability for individual dogs, due to varying external factors.

Each dog will have their own toothbrush head that will be exclusively theirs and will be kept labelled at Pet Parlour. This is purchased at the initial treatment session and will need to be replaced after approximately 20 treatments (or if it’s damaged by the dog chewing on it) for £10.

Please remember that we are not medically trained (a nurse / vet) and so cannot diagnose any problems with your dog’s mouth and that the Emmi-pet treatment is not a veterinary procedure.

We cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor dentition before, during or after any ultrasound treatments – such as tooth removal, gingivitis etc.

Removal of even mild tartar can reveal conditions that could not be seen prior to its removal. If this occurs, it is the responsibility of the owner to seek veterinary attention.

Cat Grooming

Full Groom Extra Large Cat - £70-80.00

Groom Large Cat - £55-65.00

Groom Standard Medium and Small Cat - £45.00

Nail Cut - £10.00
Please note that cats are preferably booked at the beginning or
towards end of the day to ensure quiete and 2 handlers are
available to complete the groom.