Cat Grooming

Dog Grooming

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Small breeds
- From £40 

Medium breeds - From £55 

Large breeds - From £60 (Labrador, Labradoodle)

Extra large breeds - From £80
Double Coated breeds including deshedding - from £75

New Puppy?
Book a complimentary 10 minute introductory visit to let your puppy experience the sights, sounds and smells of the salon whilst investigating the rest / play area, not forgetting cuddles from us. As soon as pup has had their initial vaccination / or from 10 weeks old we'd like to see them for this introductory visit. 

Puppy groom
- £40

Includes: (introduction to the salon environment & sounds / meet & greet
and sounds)
Mild & gentle bath, drying, brushing, ear cleaning, nail
trim & pad tidy, hygiene trim & face tidy. 

Bath and towel dry - £25

Bath and dry - from £35

Eye trim - £12

Ear clean & tidy - £12

Small trims [including face, beard, hygiene area] - £12
Nail trim - £10
Nail trim with file - £15

Fresh Breath Treatment - 10 mins £6.50
Gentle treatment that removed food and bacteria from your dogs
teeth and gums with enzymatic gel to maintain oral health. Regular
brushing is required to maintain good dental health.

Vegan Nose & Pad Treatment 5 mins £3.50
Great for soothing cracked nose, pads and dry skin. This vegan balm is massaged into the nose and pads to soothe and smooth.

Nervous/Rescue/Fearful dogs - £55
Additional time will be allocated - includes salon & groomer
introduction (meet & greet) prior to appointment. 

Blueberry Facial Treatment - £4.80

Mild, natural exfoliating that and gently hydrates. The refreshing
blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains,
and will not irritate eyes. Perfect for all dog breeds but especially white
breeds and pets with long hair, this lightly foaming cleanser helps break
up gunk and goo near the eyes and in beards.
The warm scent of blueberries and vanilla will leave your pet’s face
smelling deliciously irresistible and looking spic and span again.
For darker stains, continue use on a regular basis, noting that some
stains are permanent and can only be removed by being cut out.

Rehabilitation Visit - 15 mins £9

To assist dogs that find the grooming experience stressful or may
have had a bad experience with a previous groomer or vet experience we offer a rehabilitation program where we work with the owner to schedule a series of desensitisation and counter conditioning familiarisation visits. This program works by addressing your dogs specific needs and scheduling a series of visits and exercises during which we work to build up your dog’s confidence whilst being groomed. Each visit will introduce your dog to a part of the grooming process until they become comfortable with the overall grooming experience. Each visit lasts for 15 minutes and is charged at £9.

For dogs that have more challenging behavioural problems we can introduce the services of our resident dog behaviourist. 

Therapeutic Mud Treatment starting at £35 small / £62 medium / £100 large

Nourish, strengthen, and encourage healthy cell regeneration with
a therapeutic mud body treatment. As the mud detoxifies your
dog’s skin, removing dirt, oils and other toxins, dead skin cells are
replaced with nourishing minerals and soothing relief, boosting
your dog’s ability to fight infections, dry skin, and other irritations
that can lead to canine dermatitis. Mud is applied all over the body
and massaged into the skin and fur, then your pet is wrapped in
warm towels so the heat can work its magic. The mud penetrates
for 10 minutes, followed by a gentle cleansing shampoo, rinse and
deep condition. (the uplift on treatment is dependant on the amount of mud used)

This treatment is available with any full service grooming appointment upon request.

Choose from:

  • Senior - The Green Mud is an amazing all-round health boost, that’s particularly suited to ageing dogs or dogs with weaker immune systems. It acts as a protector against the element, pollutants, and allergies to name a few. Packed with a high amount of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and lipids, it helps to strengthen the dog’s skin and health to protect against daily life.

  • Skin Calming - The Soothing Mud uses high concentrations of Colloidal Oatmeal and hydrating ingredients such as Aloe Vera Powder, Borage Oil, Vitamin E and Zinc to soothe the skin. This reduces itchy and irritated skin, promote healthy cell regeneration, and adds moisture to the skin as well.

    The Fortifying Mud is also a great option for skin health, as it is loaded with antiseptic and anti-fungal ingredients, fortifying the skin to provide natural flea, parasite, and yeast relief.


  • Shed - The Shed Safely Mud is the ultimate treatment for removing any loose undercoat! It contains hydrating oils and B Vitamins to prevent excessive shedding and unclog hair follicles. This works wonders on thick, heavy coats offering relief and hydration.


  • Mobility - The Mobility Mud is a refresher that aids in movement and joint pain. Containing menthol and peppermint that help to cool the dog down, making movement much easier. It targets tight, sore, and inflamed muscles to relieve your clients of any minor pains and aches they may have.

    Please be sure to request this treatment when
    scheduling so we can allocate the appropriate
    amount of time for completion.

Emmi Pet Teeth Brushing
Healthy oral hygiene should be part of your dog's grooming routine. Ideally starting from a young age when there is no build up. Adding this treatment to your dog's regular grooming appointment no matter what age (young pup, adolescent, adult or senior) may drastically reduce the risk of issues in future.

1st session approx 45mins, £55 to include:

- consultation

- dogs own Ultrasonic toothbrush head

- 30-40 minute clean

Follow up sessions;
15-20 minute clean (must be within 12 weeks of last visit £35

Book a course of 5 follow up treatments for £110 and save £13 per session! 

If dog has a lot of plaque then multiple visits in a shorter period and course of treatment may be advised. But generally we recommend doing with your dog's groom for tip top hygiene results at every groom appointment to maintain good oral hygiene.  The maximum time between appointment is 12 weeks. If leaving too long in between visits then it will be necessary to repeat a longer clean.

Replacement brushes: replacement of toothbrush head after 20 visits or 3 months of intense cleaning as ability of attachment bristles to transmit ultrasound waves will demonise. Optimum dental cleaning for and hygiene can’t be guaranteed after this time. Cost £10. (as at November 2022)

Orozyme Dental Care Gel: Supports destruction of stubborn plaque for owner to use at home in between sessions. Prevents further formation and maintains balance of micro organisms in dogs mouth.

Dogs; Used once per day at the end of the day directly into mouth

Cats: as above or on paw for them to lick off.

Small dogs & cats 1 cm gel

Dogs under 20kg 2cm gel

Dogs over 20kg 5 cm gel

£12 per tube

Terms & conditions;

If your dog’s teeth are showing a significant amount of tartar build up, or are in poor condition, we will always recommend that you seek veterinary attention but please pop in and we will take a look for you. It may be that your dog will initially require a dental descale under anesthetic. However, it should then be possible to continue with a regular schedule of ultrasound teeth cleaning, in order to maintain your dog’s dental health and hygiene. 

Please note that although this method of dental care is highly effective at removing tartar, improving gum and mouth health and eliminating the cause of bad breath, we cannot guarantee the treatments effectiveness or suitability for individual dogs, due to varying external factors. 

Each dog will have their own toothbrush head that will be exclusively theirs and will be kept labelled at Pet Parlour. This is purchased at the initial treatment session and will need to be replaced after approximately 20 treatments (or if it’s damaged by the dog chewing on it) for £10.

Please remember that we are not medically trained (a nurse / vet) and so cannot diagnose any problems with your dog’s mouth and that the Emmi-pet treatment is not a veterinary procedure. It is only suitable for mild to moderate tartar and ideal for prevention. This treatment does not replace veterinery care, if we think we are unable to clean your dog's teeth safely, ethically or effectively we will refer you back to your vet for advice.

We cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor dentition before, during or after any ultrasound treatments – such as tooth removal, gingivitis etc. Removal of even mild tartar can reveal conditions that could not be seen prior to its removal. If this occurs, it is the responsibility of the owner to seek veterinary attention.

Groom Standard Small-Medium Cat - from £50.00
Groom Medium-Large Cat - from £65.00
Full Groom Extra Large Cat - £80-£140

Nail Cut - £15.00

Additional charges may apply if we have to clip off alot of hair or 
the temperament of your cat is more challenging or time consuming.

We can use Pet Remedy which is a natural calming spray with essential
oils to use on the treatment table to help relax your cat should they be
nervous or anxious. 

Please note that cats are preferably booked at the beginning or
towards end of the day to ensure quiet and 2 handlers are available to
complete the groom. If you require other times please ask and we will
try to accommodate your requests.

Please just give us a call or email us with your requirements and we will
do out best to give you a approximate price, However please consider
that depending on the time, service required and your cats temperament
may impact the total cost. 

If your cat is not used to being handled, is under stress or of senior age
we may not bath on their first appointment with us. Your cat's welfare is
key and we will do what we can to make your cat comfortable. The majority
of customers ask for brush through, deshedding of loose hair, removal of
knots / clipping, ear clean and nail trim and trimming of the hygiene areas.

Ideally book your cat in before any knots or matting appears but let us
know in advance if you find tight knots which are close to the skin then we
can allocate more time. We stock dematting sprays, comb and brushes
which will help you in between groom appointments which in turn help to
keep your grooming costs to a minimum.